Formal Launching of KRI Klewang will be Held on End of August

24 Agustus 2012

KRI Klewang, the trimaran design of fast missile ship for TNI-AL (image : North Sea Boats)

The new 63 metre long vessel is a cutting edge trimaran design that it cosidered to be the most advanced naval vessel of its type ever built in South East Asia. It incorporates a radical wave piercing hull form for improved seaworthiness and stability, and has been built from full carbon fibre composite materials, utilising the vacuum infusion process and vinylester resin. This method results in a structure that has increased strength, but also offers the benefits of lower operating, maintenance, and lifecycle costs.

In 2009 PT Lundin signed a contract to build a one of the most advanced “stealth” warship for TNI-AL (Indonesian Navy). This was the result of an intensive Research and Development programme conducted by PT Lundin Industry Invest (North Sea Boats) and TNI-AL that commenced in 2007. Construction commenced in early 2010, but due to the advanced design and construction methods, the project has been kept largely confidential until now.

Members of the press are invited to attend this significant event. The launching ceremony will be held on Friday 31st August, 2012 at PT Lundin’s shipyard facility in Banuwangi, East Java. The ceremony will be attended by dignitaries and senior officers of TNI-AL during which a briefing and Press Conference and interviews will be conducted.

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