Highlights of PLA Equipment Reform in 2014

Navy of Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLAN): establish multi-platform landing equipment system

BEIJING: The Navy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLAN) will establish multi-platform landing equipment systems in 2014, reporters learnt from the Armaments Department of the PLAN in early spring.

Previously, the PLAN troops have reaped many results in promoting the development of multi-platform landing equipment. New types of equipment including dock landing ship and air cushion landing craft have been commissioned to the PLAN in succession, and the research on large landing ship also harvested success. The rapid development of various landing equipment has laid a sound foundation for systematic construction.

According to a briefing, the Armaments Department of the PLAN will continue to tackle key problems to facilitate the establishment of multi-platform landing equipment systems and eliminate the loopholes. As an example of the efforts, a new type of air cushion landing crafts once serving in the Chinese naval escort taskforces will be commissioned to the PLAN in a row. Such landing crafts adopt home-made high-power gas turbines and hover-fans for stable driving force, showing sound adaptability to various battlefields.

In addition, the navy will also focus on enhancing the overall information level of landing equipment systems so as to further elevate the information exchange and precise-strike capabilities of landing equipment.

PLA Air Force: promote development of equipment reliability

The Armaments Department of PLA Air Force (PLAAF) will set up two new scientific research centers to address reliability issues of aeronautical rubber-chemicals, the reporters learnt in mid-January, 2014.

According to Zhang Wenjian, director of the Armaments Scientific Research and Procurement Department of the PLAAF, through enhanced management on equipment reliability, the department has standardized and extended the service life of dozens of airplane models, which in turn lengthens the flying time by millions of hours for the troop units.

The Second Artillery Force (SAF) of the PLA: over 100 new achievements applied to equipment development

In 2014, over 100 new achievements will be applied to development, manufacturing and restructuring of strategic guided missiles and weaponry systems, reporters learnt from the Armaments Department of the Second Artillery Force (SAF) of the PLA in mid-January, 2014.

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