US Forces-Afghanistan Not Providing Excess Equipment to Pakistan

United States Forces-Afghanistan has seen the inaccurate media reports stating that excess military equipment that is part of the U.S. transition is given to Pakistan. These reports are not correct. USFOR-A does not provide or intend to provide any such equipment, including MRAPs, from Afghanistan to Pakistan.

“Our commitment to the Afghan people and the Afghan National Security Forces is unwavering,” said Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., Commander of the International Security Assistance Force.

The ANSF achievements for Afghanistan this past year are enormous; their brave and heroic actions demonstrate their dedication to a secure, stable and unified Afghanistan. USFOR-A also remains committed to completing the transformation of the ANSF into a professional fighting force capable of meeting their security challenges.

Since 2002, the ANSF has grown from less than one kandak of troops to nearly 352,000 skilled and professional soldiers and police, with 26,000 Afghan local police, capable of taking the lead for security in Afghanistan. The Afghan Air Force flies medical evacuation, close air support and logistics missions. A robust special operations force with a special mission air wing conducts security operations to eliminate leaders of the insurgency. These defense forces together create effective layers of security around population centers and critical infrastructure throughout the country, and every day the ASNF are defeating the insurgents.

Over the past 12 years the ANSF was built into a formidable security force, receiving more than $53 billion in equipment and support, 160 aircraft, 100,000 vehicles including 600 new Mobile Strike Force Vehicles, 500,000 weapons and 200,000 pieces of communications and night-vision equipment, with more still being delivered.

USFOR-A will continue to assist and advise ANSF on developing the most effective force consistent with their rapidly emerging and demonstrated capabilities.

“Over the last nine months, the ANSF have proved that they are ready to secure the April 5 presidential and provincial council elections” said Dunford. “What I find most encouraging is the sense of pride, responsibility, and accountability that the Afghan security forces continue to demonstrate each day. I am confident that they can provide a safe environment for Afghans to vote in what will be a historic election for the nation.”

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