Czech Govt Approves Money for Gripen Fighters Lease Until 2027

By on Friday, May 9th, 2014

The Czech government approved today the financing of supersonic aircraft and it will provide 21.4 billion crowns, including withholding tax and VAT, for them in 2015-27, Legislation Minister Jiri Dienstbier has told journalists.

The government decided to extend the lease of Gripen fighters by Sweden until 2027 in March.

“Particularly the system of multipurpose supersonic JAS-39 Gripen aircraft will serve the maintenance and raising of the capabilities of the supersonic air force,” the Defence Ministry told CTK.

According to the new lease contract, the aircraft will be upgraded and the Czech Republic will also get more services.

The Defence Ministry says systems of the data transmission of information in the NATO format, systems of secret voice connection, night vision, and others will be obtained.

Further training of the Czech ground and flying personnel and the gaining of unnecessary ammunition are also counted with.

In Mardch the government approved an extension of the contract under which the Czech Republic is now leasing 14 Gripens, until 2027, with a two-year option.

The annual installments are to be about one third lower compared with the current contract. The valid lease will expire in 2015. Negotiations about an addendum to it started more than two years ago.

JAS-39 Gripens are also used by Hungary, South Africa and Thailand.

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