China Provides More Data On Bunker-Busting Ballistic Missile

By on Friday, June 6th, 2014

China has developed the DF-15C short-range ballistic missile, a bunker buster unveiled in 2007. Chinese officials say the DF-15C is capable of destroying underground command centers using a deep-penetration warhead.

The missile uses a terminal radar guidance or infrared imaging guidance system. The DF-15C has a range of 700 kilometers and a circular error probability of between 15-20 meters.

Possible targets for the DF-15C include Taiwan’s Heng Shan Military Command Center in Taipei. This is Taiwan’s wartime nerve center. Another possible target is Taiwan’s Chiashan Air Force Base, which is located in the east coastal city of Hualien.

The DF-15C ballistic missile would enable China to disable an enemy’s command capabilities, thereby eliminating its ability to coordinate an effective resistance.

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