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UAE Forces Buy Ground Tactical Datalink

By on Friday, August 29th, 2014

Tactical Communications Group (TCG), the leading independent supplier of Tactical Data Link (TDL) solutions, announced a contract award to provide its Ground Tactical Data Link Systems (GTS) hardware and software components, as well as engineering and operational TDL services, training, and system maintenance, to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Armed Forces. The award is the first Direct Commercial Sale between the UAE Armed Forces and TCG.

The capabilities provided by this system include operational support for Link 16 and Link 11 A/B and a comprehensive and intuitive built-in training and test capability for these data links.

The system also provides a “Multi-MIDS” capability that will allow the Emirates to deploy centralized and overlapping Link 16 coverage across a wide Area of Responsibility. The JREAP capability of the GTS provides additional ability to extend the coverage and share TDL information.

“We are pleased to begin our service for the UAE Armed forces,” said Michael Hiney, TCG’s President and CEO, “and we are looking forward to supporting our Emirati allies as they employ their TDL-equipped capabilities and platforms. TCG is known world-wide for our TDL expertise and we will strive to be a valuable resource for the Emirates.”

“This order is a significant step forward for TCG’s growing worldwide presence, especially within the Arab States of the Gulf,” said Kevin Mawn, TCG Vice President of Operations. “We are very pleased by the Emirate’s confidence in TCG’s capabilities and look forward to helping them grow their TDL ground infrastructure.”

TCG’s Ground Tactical Data Link System (GTS) supports the operational and training needs of end users who integrate Link 16 and other Tactical Data Links (TDLs) into their ground infrastructure to support C2 and non-C2 activities.

The GTS includes features that are found in large scale Command and Control (C2) environments. There is a sophisticated tactical display and MIL-STD-compliant message generator to support TDL operations as well as a powerful and intuitive simulation capability to support training and interoperability testing. Data recording and playback functions allow for data analysis and exercise or operational debrief. The playback functions also allow the platform operators to evaluate tactics and procedures.

The GTS can be configured to support a Multi-MIDS environment that provides Link 16 ground coverage across a large geographic and/or country-wide area.

Founded in 2001, Tactical Communications Group (TCG) is the leading independent supplier of tactical data link (TDL) software solutions for military communications systems.

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New Datalink for the New MQ-8C Firescout

Cubic Defense Applications is developing a new multiband digital data link system for the MQ-8C Fire Scout unmanned helicopter.Cubic is developing the new datalink under a $3.7 million contract awarded by the MQ-8C prime contractor Northrop Grumman. The data link supports both Ku band and C band transmissions using dual data streams. The datalink is based on open standard waveforms to transfer data and stream video at high transfer rate.

“The MQ-8C multiband capability will enable warfighters to conduct simultaneous missions.” explains David S. Miller, Fire Scout program director for Cubic Defense Applications. The modular system architecture includes simple open-standard interfaces and a software-defined transceiver, providing a data link with a smaller size and weight and reduced power consumption than the system currently used on the MQ-8B variant which was also designed by Cubic and is used by the U.S. Central Command to provide full-motion video surveillance to ground forces in northern Afghanistan.

An integral component of the new system is Cubic’s Multiband Miniature Transceiver, or MMT. The MMT enables simultaneous Ku band and C band transmissions using dual data streams. The MMTs included in the Dual Channel Modem subassembly are small enough for Soldiers and Marines to carry in the webbing of their tactical vests.

Cubic Defense Applications is the defense systems business of Cubic Corporation.

Northrop Grumman awarded Cubic a $3.7 million development contract for a new multi-band digital datalink for the MQ-8C unmanned helicopter UAS. Photo: Northrop grumman

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